It was in the '90s when Chillin decided to go to work as an employee in the company ESTEL Spa, to make an experience away from home. So he begins, together with the architect Paolo Favaretto and the engineer Pierluigi Stella, to create samples which were produced and became true icons. 

Thanks to many years of experience, Federico Chillin offers to his customers a complete service: the collection of armchairs for Woman and Man was born from his imagination and his dream, as a synthesis of the lines originated from the primitive concept of man and woman. 

Chillin has been able to rework this concept in the interior design, as ideal conjunction of resistance, comfort and elegant relaxation. 

The creativity, dynamism and skill make Federico Chillin distinguish from others and be appreciated by many architects in the industry, such as architect Paolo Favaretto, with whom he started a professional relationship and friendship.



Certification CATAS: each product has been tested for load handling and durability in continuous cycle according to internal procedures PTP

Certification LSFIRE: fire tests on polyurethane foam and cold-pressed padding, density 60 kg/mc type CYFLEX 001, class UNO I EMME, UNI 9176

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