The trade secrets has been handed down from the father Marcello and the mother Malvina to their son Federico Chillin, who has grasped the passion and professionalism of a completely handmade work. 

Chillin does his handmade products paying attention to the quality and perfection of details, and wants all his employees to do the same. This continuous quality control ensures a “state of the art”product. 
Federico Chillin keeps on establishing relationships with other professionals, thus giving technical advice on the entire production process, from prototyping to serial industrialization. 

The skilled hands of Chillin allow the company, the architect, the designer to see their ideas materialized through a standard scale sample, with appropriate proportions and right materials. 
Actually the master Chillin and his colleagues have been recognized as "artists in the industry".

Let's recall some of the most important companies he works for: 
ESTEL, Casa Mania, Bonaldo, Emmegi, Cassina, Arper, Infiniti, Codutti, Frezza, Manerba, Essequattro/Nero3, Kristalia, Gaber, Maserati, Abarth, Frag, Jaguar, True Design and many others.

We also remember some collaborations with leading architects: 
Architect Karim Rashid, Favaretto & Partners, Claudio Bellini, Nendo, Studio 63, Vigano, and Pocci Dondoli, Archirivolto, Lievore Altherr Molina, Jean-Marie Massaud, Bisaglia, Philippe Starck, Ziliani, Paul Bruss, Orlandini and Jorge Pensi.

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