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Enlarging the frame and conveying the sensual and elegant shape of a female figure, Chillin not only wants to give a rest to the back, but also thinks to offer a total ecstasy to the body. 
So he adds the headrest, referring to the shape of a woman's breast. 
He adds the armrests, which open and close until you have the impression of being embraced by a woman, and also technological and mechanical devices: the result is a comfortable armchair-sofa. 
Designed to be a practical and dynamic chair and to occupy as little space as possible when transported around the world. 
Actually a container can have inside 40 any armchairs, but even 168 Woman armchairs, four times more!. 
So the customer is able to significantly lower shipping and packaging costs.



Operation and relaxation with elegance.

Exclusive product born from everyday need to join work and relaxation. Multifunctional chair with adjustable backrest and movable armrests, removable and customizable cover (fabric, faux leather, leather and down) and base-support (steel laser cut with any cover in natural or lacquered wood, available on all RAL colours) . 
Woman armchair is also a whimsical yet practical furniture in a showcase: in full extension you can display many products! 
It is possible to place in the armrests a rigid panel that will become a handy tray food or a practical desk. 
Every component is patented, it supports over 200 pounds and a movement of 15.000 cycles.

Dimensions, sewings and fabrics customisable.

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