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Thanks to many years of experience, Federico Chillin offers to his customers a complete service: the collection of armchairs for Woman and Man was born from his imagination and his dream, as a synthesis of the lines originated from the primitive concept of man and woman. 



Starting from a small laboratory of upholstery fabrics located in a room of just 150 square meters, which was founded in 1951 by his father Marcello, today Chillin own an overall structure of 5.000 square meters and 35 master craftsmen who work meticulously to complete every single product. 


Federico Chillin is also skilled at doing the restoration of chairs, armchairs and sofas, taking care of every single detail using his particular expertise.


A wide variety of fabrics is available for any customer need


Federico Chillin thanks to the passion and support of its skilled labor team is able to satisfy varied demand.


The experience gained over the years allows to recreate exactly what the customer wants, thus creating a unique product.


Federico Chillin thanks to the knowledge passed on to him by his parents and the skills acquired over the years, also produces upholstered furniture, customizable and different sizes.

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