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Starting from a small tapestry workshop just 150 square meters wide, founded in 1951 by his father Marcello, Today Chillin has a total structure of 5000 square meters and 35 master craftsmen who collaborate meticulously in the realization of every single product.

Leather and fabrics are cut manually, thus guaranteeing the craftsmanship of the finished product and guaranteeing a higher quality standard, compared to cutting performed by machine. Skilled labor combined with the best sewing machines, allows you to adopt any working solution, from simple re-stitching to the most complex sewing performed on any raw material.

The warehouse is well equipped, spread over an area of ​​about 5,000.00 square meters, and primarily serves as storage of the raw material and subsequently as storage of the finished product.
Pending shipment, with the help of its own vehicles and / or couriers / contractors, the upholstery also provides the packaging service with customized boxes provided by the customer.

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