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Uomo armchair instead is born from a dream made by its inventor. This object is transformed from a human figure on the wall, hence the name Man, to a flexible and adaptable seat for different locations. 
Steel frame, patented hinges, cold foamed polyurethane are the key features of Uomo armchair. 
As they can be customized in photos, these armchairs were made for Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, Ennio Doris, Egidio and Giorgio Maschio (owners of the company no.1 for agricultural accessories) etc. 
The product is born out of a dream: the idea of being free men, 'hanging' on an invisible wall and gently sliding over the secure roots the soil. 
Uomo is a chair, a chaise longue and bench but not only: it is a wall lamp, a piece of furniture that is not hulking and that you can comfortably hang like a picture on a wall. 
Or, in the "sofa" version, wider and lower and with movable armrests, it turns into a fascinating and original chair, an operational chaise longue, a soft carpet to maybe lay at the foot of a comfortable sofa. 
The armchair Uomo demonstrates his versatility in open spaces such as in relax areas of Spa or in pools. In home interiors the sofa version can be an original bedside rug or soft carpet in front of the sofa. 
A light transparent nylon cap, put on the base of the armchair, also becomes an original prêt-à-porter magazine rack. 
Fully patented. 


For people who never want to fell down, it was conceived a rectangular upholstered wooden unit, able to fulfil a double function: bookcase or bolster for the MAN.

Dimensions, sewings and fabrics customisable.

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