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Chillin armchair is the evolution of an armchair named Signorina, which was born from his own imagination and also the suggestions he had from the great masters of architecture, who followed him at the very beginning of his career and influenced his work.
This first armchair is the adolescent stage of the Women one, a product of Italian design by Chillin.
The project embraces the need for relaxation, elegance and comfort in one armchair.
Signorina was born from the need to rest a few seconds during the working day without having a sofa: something not cumbersome, practical, slim, with sinuous and soft lines, simple and with a removable cover.
All this perfectly matches the idea of joining together relaxation and work.
It has a very thin and tiny back to take up as little space as possible.
However during the work Federico Chillin noticed that the junctions of the frame were too thick. This was not an obstacle, as you might think: Chillin had the brilliant idea to enlarge the back of the seat with rubber, in order to recreate perfectly the curves of a lady.
It is from here that he named the first armchair marked with his name, as the youngest daughter of Woman armchair.

Mix of comfort and workability

The armchair Woman is more slender and functional, a mix of comfort and workability used a lot in offices and very busy locations.
The lateral extension is hidden, to convey a less flashy and possibly customizable design with armrests in polypropylene or stainless steel.
The cover and the base are customizable (cross base, 5-stars base with wheels or circular flat).
A completely patented frame as each Esseproduction product.

Dimensions, sewings and fabrics customisable.

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