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It was in the 90s when Chillin decided to go to work as an employee in the ESTEL spa company, to have an experience away from home. And it is thanks to this decision that he begins, together with the architect Paolo Favaretto and the engineer Pierluigi Stella, to create samples that went into production and became true icons.

Federico Chillin, thanks to his many years of experience, offers his customer a complete service. And it is from here, from his imagination and from his dream, synthesis of the lines originating from the primitive concept of man and woman, that the line of women's and men's poltrees was born.

Chillin has been able to rework this concept in furniture as an ideal combination of resistance, comfort and elegant relaxation.

The inspiration, dynamism and skill make Federico Chillin stand out and be appreciated by many architects in the sector; and this is how that professional bond and deep friendship with the architect Paolo Favaretto is established.




CATAS certification: each product has been subjected to load and duration tests in continuous cycle handling according to internal PTP procedures.


LSFIRE certification: fireproof tests on polyurethane for padding, foamed and cold molded, density 60 kg / mc type Cyflex 001, class UNO I EMME, UNI 9176 standard

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